Furnace Coil Services

Dirty coils are a leading cause of furnace failure.  Rockway Fuel Oil Corporation offers solutions.

  • Furnace coil installation
  • Furnace coil repair
  • Furnace maintenance plans

New coil installation & repair can be costly.

Coils may be a small component of your furnace, but they have a big job to do.  “A coils”, as we call them in the industry, act as heat exchangers to produce the hot air inside of your furnace.

Over time, dirt, debris, and dangerous mold can accumulate inside of the A coils. This reduces the furnace’s efficiency, and compromises the air quality inside of your residence.  Eventually coils in a poorly maintained furnace overheat causing total system failure.

Symptoms of blocked coils include:

  • High energy bills
  • Uneven heating throughout your home  (hot and cold spots)
  • General malaise not caused by previously diagnosed medical condition (could indicate moldy coils)
  • Furnace failure 

The remedy for these symptoms is usually coil repair or new coil installation services. To ensure the peak operating performance of your furnace, annual coil cleaning is strongly recommended.

Investing in a furnace maintenance plan now can save you hundreds on coil repairs later.

  • Save money  – An inefficient furnace costs 30 percent more to run. Air flows freely through clean coils, improving the efficiency of your heating system, and lowering energy bills. You’ll also save on coil repair costs.
  • Improve air quality  Dirty, moldy coils are hazardous to your health. Clean coils in a well-maintained furnace instantly improve air quality.
  • Maximize comfort – Warm air travels easily through clean and well-maintained coils – keeping you cozy and warm.

We provide coil installation and repair in NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx) and Westchester County.

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