Boiler Services NYC

Boiler Services

Rockway Fuel Oil Corporation Provides Full Service Boiler Solutions You Can Trust.

When it comes to boilers maintenance is better than repair.  Proper boiler maintenance is the difference between a hot shower on a cold winter day and a cold shower on a cold winter day. Boilers fuel your hot water needs – don’t let a damaged boiler leave you in the cold. 

Our affordable boiler maintenance plans stop problems before they start.  And if there is an emergency – most boiler repair issues are covered in the maintenance plan.

Boiler Repair and New Boiler Installation

Is it time for a new boiler?

  • Is your boiler over a decade old?
  • Did your thermostat stop working?
  • Is the boiler’s pilot light out?
  • Are your energy bills increasing?
  • Does your hot water run cold?
  • Is your boiler leaking?
  • Are you spending more and more on boiler repairs?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you may need boiler repair services or a new boiler installation. If you already have a boiler maintenance plan with us then you’re already covered.   

While a new boiler is a costly investment, it’s often cheaper to replace an old boiler than to keep repairing it.  A newer energy efficient boiler pays for itself over the course of a few years – so your new boiler installation saves you money in the long run.

Boiler problems? Call Rockway Fuel Oil Corporation for solutions.

  • Turnkey boiler solutions
    • Boiler installation
    • Boiler repair
    • Boiler maintenance and preventative maintenance plans
  • Boiler Plumbing
    • Backflow preventer installation, maintenance, and repair
    • Plumbing return line installation, maintenance, and repair 
    • Mixing valve installation, maintenance, and repair
    • Low water cut off and automatic water feeder installation, maintenance, and repair

We service NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx) and Westchester County.

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