Protecting & Preserving Your Boiler

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Protecting and preserving your boiler is essential to protecting and preserving an automobile or any other type of investment. In particular, when your home is heated by a boiler that is steel. The steel boiler is made up of steel tubes inside the belly of the boiler. These steel tubes are submerged in water, which when the boiler is running will heat the water. This, of course, will heat the tubes that are submerged in the water, thus heating the hot water coil. This is part of the process that provides hot water and heat to a home or apartment/commercial building. Over time, the steel will corrode and rust. It is critical that these steel tubes inside the boiler are protected. The best, easiest, and cost effective way is to treat the boiler with boiler chemicals. This will remove the oxygen  from the boiler, thus preventing the steel from deteriorating. This will ultimately save the home owner thousands of dollars in tube replacements and welding costs. Rockway provides chemical treatment to the boiler on a monthly basis. Please contact Larry at 718-585-8300 to inquire about boiler treatments.