Maintaining Boiler Water Levels

It is crucial to make sure that there is water inside the boiler lubricating the cast iron or steel.

Always remember to look at the gauge glass and make sure that the water level inside the gauge glass is at its correct level. The gauge glass is a long glass tube that is mounted usually in front of the center region of the boiler. It is usually six inches long or more and looks like a glass tube. It is very important to make sure that there is water inside the glass.

If the boiler is losing water, you might have return lines leaking and the automatic water feeder can’t keep up with the leak. The automatic water feeder might have ‘seized’ and is not working. This is a common problem when you neglect the automatic water feeder. It must be flushed at minimum once every week to make sure the float inside is free from anything that might block it.

If your boiler is running without water in the gauge glass, turn your boiler off immediately. Make sure that the water feed valves are in their open position. Leave the boiler off and call us immediately for assistance.