Automatic Water Feeder Seasonal Maintenance

It is very important to flush the automatic water feeder and low water cut-off at minimum once every week.

This can be easily done by placing a five gallon bucket under the automatic water feeder and low water cut-off opening the blow-down valve for at least ten seconds. The purpose of doing this is to not only keep the boiler water clean, but also to keep the ‘floats’ inside their respective mechanisms (the automatic water feeder and low water cut-off) from ‘hanging up’ or ‘seizing.’ These mechanisms act as safety mechanisms to the furnace and are crucial to its operation and longevity of the system as a whole. Flushing out all the dirty boiler water at least once every week will also keep the boiler coils clean and operating at one hundred percent.

To make sure that these mechanisms are working properly, simply open the blow-down valve (on either the automatic water feeder or the low water cut-off) when the boiler is running.

If the boiler turns off, the automatic water feeder and/or low water cut-off is working properly. If it doesn’t shut the boiler off, call us right away and we will either try and fix mechanisms or replace them.